I imagine you won't find it surprising if I tell you that boring texts with no personality don't work anymore. In the era of social media and direct communication, the public wants to be a part of your project, that it's a friend talking to them. And that is why I am here. 

My work is to create delicious and unique texts, so your readers keep always craving for more and, most importantly, that they come back. I would love to have coffee with you if you are:

  • A cool media in the food, lifestyle or travel sectors. You know that simple texts are not enough for your readers anymore, so you want to make them feel that they were there, that they tasted it, that they spent some time with an old friend.

  • A daring brand in the hospitality or lifestyle industries. You have put all your heart, your passion and a tone of hours of work in your project, but communicating is not really your thing and you don't know how to transmit all that to your potential customers.

I will write for you surprising articles or reports, space or restaurant reviews, my vision of the less touristy Paris or interviews with people who deserve to be known. If your media runs away from just 'correct' and emotionless texts, I am the writer you have been looking for. 

You want corporate texts that talk about you and your brand, but you don’t really know how to connect with your potential customers and you go blank when you have to write. I will be your copywriter and work on the way you tell your story, to adapt it to your style and make it shine by itself.

For collaborations or commissions, send me an email to or through my contact form.