In 2017, I co-founded the magazine FAIM. Since the launching of the project, I work as a director and editor-in-chief of the publication. I am also in charge of the web and social media content, as well as the project management.


The founders of FAIM were in a bar one evening at the beginning of 2017. Axel Benassis, graphic designer, and I were talking about that idea we had of creating our own project. We both worked as freelancers in Paris, but at that time we wanted something else. In the end, the idea of creating a paper magazine, where we could share with the world all those conversation we had non-stop, came just naturally. "How did we not see it before?" we thought. And together, we founded FAIM.

FAIM ("hunger" in French) was born to be the paper magazine that shows the life of a creative young generation from all over the world. Every six months, we pack our stuff and meet them in their hometowns, so it is them the ones filling our blank pages. They are the members of a generation that is hungry for new projects and experiences, for new ways of working and creating, and for new possibilities for changing our future.


Through our three main categories – people, places, food –, we discover the life of this generation of ambitious, insatiable, hungry young people. They are the ones first-person telling their experiences, projects, fetish places or even favourite foods. Because this world is changing, and we'll be there to talk about it. And since we want to invite as many people as possible to our party, FAIM is published in two versions and three languages (Spanish, French and English) and it's distributed all over the world. So are you hungry?