Do you think that my work fits
your publication or your brand?
Do you find yourself among
my favourite subjects?

I am Naiara Reig, journalist, freelance writer and storyteller. I write about food, lifestyle and travels for several media, and I help brands in those industries by creating attractive content for their websites and social media.

My clients are looking for a communication that is fresh, human and with no artifice. That is why I create texts for them to (re)connect with their audience in an honest way, to differentiate from their competitors and be memorable. On my side, I am looking for smart media and brands that are ready to shine. If you think this way of communicating is for you, we are going to get on well. Because no one beats me on being hungry about this crazy life and these are my favourite subjects:

  • Gastronomic projects that touch the soul besides the palate
  • Brands that have understood that our future lies in the way we consume today
  • The achievements of those women who will soon rule the world
  • Destinations that make the traveller feel at home, and still surprise him

Since 2011 I have worked and contributed to several media – press, radio and television – where I carried out writing, editing and presenting tasks for news and reports. And even if my heart belongs to the Mediterranean Sea, I put my life upside down when I moved to Paris in June 2015 to be the Spanish editor at Cafébabel. And I never left.

I then decided that I wanted to work with soulful projects lead by passionate people. So, in 2017, I launched with my partner my first editorial project: FAIM. It's a biannual paper magazine, published in three languages and distributed all around the world, where we show the life of a creative and ambitious young generation, with a different city as a starting point for each issue.

Bonus: Before I moved to Paris, I had lived in Valencia (Spain) and Newcastle (UK), and I fluently speak four languages: Spanish and Valencian, my mother tongues, plus English and French.

Now I tell the stories of an insatiable young generation, with a different city as a starting point for each issue