I have always been hungry. And thirsty. I’ve always devoured every bite of this crazy life to discover the next dish in the menu. And always had room for dessert. I’ve always wanted more.

And I suppose that, at one point, in this generation we were a lot of people who were still hungry.

So I’ve decided to listen to my stomach (after all, there’s where you feel all the important things) and put my hands in another dough. One that has a magazine name and that looks like everything I am. Welcome to FAIM.

What’s FAIM?

FAIM is the magazine of an ambitious and passionate generation. A generation of young people who don’t resign to established paths and, thanks to their new ways of living life, they’re changing the way we perceive tradition and culture. That’s why we want to meet them, so you can meet them too. We want to know who they are, which projects are thy starting, where they go, what they eat.

FAIM is, indeed, the reflection of a generation.

What can we find in FAIM?

FAIM is, primarily, a biannual paper magazine in which we let ourselves be led to devour a city in each issue. So it will be this generation of young people to whom we want to give a voice who will guide the content. We will talk about them and their cities through three categories: PEOPLE-PLACES-FOOD.

And since my associate and I seem to be a bit masochist, it will be published in two versions and three languages: Spanish, French and English.

And what about the first issue?

This project takes everything I am, my stomach and my sleeping hours. So for the first issue we’ve decided to talk about my hometown: VALENCIA. Such a love letter.

The first paper edition will be out in OCTOBER 2017, but before that moment we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to finance the printing and, thus, be financially independent from the very beginning.

We will keep you updated through our social media (we’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). But, if the appetizers aren’t enough for you either and you don’t want to miss a thing, you can subscribe to our newsletter 😉


** And you, are you hungry? **

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