I feel like I’ve been reading a lot about gratitude lately. Like those periods when you find a strange word or a recurrent subject everywhere. Even though it’s maybe just because, at that time, we’re more receptive to it. And now, to be thankful, I assure you I’m super receptive.

If you follow me on social media, you might have seen that these last months have been intense for me, specially since the beginning of 2017. My activity has been multiplied and it has come back to what are the “normal levels” to me, the ones I feel comfortable with. These months have also been full of a lot (really, a lot) beautiful moments. And I can do nothing else but being grateful.

Farewell present from my friend Stefano, from the day he took the pictures for my new website

My friend Irene, multifaceted and hard-worker as anyone else, talked these days about reaping the fruits of your work. And I finally find myself identified with that. Not because I have big fruits, which I don’t have, but because I’ve realised it’s more about changing the way you look at it. It’s not that there were not fruits before, but we were so demanding with ourselves, with the work we were doing and the results we expected to have, that we were not able to see our first stems. So, take a first step and stop punishing yourself.

It’s true that it’s way easier to say it than to do it. I’ve actually needed a good amount of positive results to be able to open my eyes and start looking at things in perspective. And what a surprise it was to find out that, overall, I look back to these two months (maybe a year and a half?) and I can’t stop smiling. Isn’t that a beautiful feeling? That’s why I want to share it with you.

I want you to look to your present in the face and say thank you for all the great things that happen to you every day. Because the results are immediate and extremely effective.

Make a list of all the things that have happened to you lately and that have given you joy. No hurry, stop and think, everything counts. Depending on the moment (we all have bad times) it will be longer or shorter, but there will be a list. And when you look closer, I’m sure you’ll feel lucky, yes. But, if you’re like me, you will feel grateful. And that, my friend, gives a power to you similar to the one you have when you feel brave.

To me, recognising that what I feel is gratefulness, has caused a reaction way more intense (and more useful on a personal level) than just the fact of saying thank you for what I started achieving. Feeling grateful makes me want more. Do more, fight more, risk more. If not, what would all these things I achieved until now work for?

It’s gratefulness, and not Redbull, what is giving me wings. And it can do the same with you. Use it.

But even more, feeling grateful has a collateral effect: It makes you realise that, if you’re able to say thank you for an achieved objective, you kind of recognise to yourself you made an effort before. You wished and worked for it. You accept you deserve it.

And then you deep breath and put yourself back together, you let go. And you look ahead. And smile more.

That’s what life is for.


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